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About Us

Turflor has been growing and exporting cut flowers over 20 years. Our farm is located at the Bogota savannah where we produce over 150 varieties of top quality carnations, spray carnations and Dianthus Barbatus in 55Ha divided in two locations (Soacha and Mosquera).

Our people work toward consumer satisfaction, we start with a careful variety selection, grown with high technology procedures led by trained people. Post harvest expertise and excellent customer service, guarantee the best product at the right time.

At Turflor, we are dedicated to deliver worldwide, the freshest premium flowers which are produced under strict guidelines of environmental and social programs.

Variety Colors

We provide you with multiple options of color for your flowers.

International cut flowers trade

We are leaders in the flowers export. We distribute around the world (more than 10 countries)

Diversity of flowers

We have various types of flowers: Carnations, Spray Carnations and Barbatus.

Floricultural farms

We offer the best quality flowers, for this reason, we care each appareance of the flowers in our crops.